Landscape Painting for Adults

Enjoy the fall in the park.  Landscape Painting is a great class to get outside and paint.  Learn some new techniques or if you’re a beginner learn to paint.  This is an 4 week course taught Mondays and Thursdays and meets in Prospect Park.

Landscape Painting is from 10-12:30 and the next session starts October 2nd and ends November 15th  This course will also be taught in oil paint.   The instructor has been painting landscapes professionally for 10 years and teaching landscape painting for the Eden Rock hotel in St Barths for the past 3 years.

To sign up please send an email and receive a syllabus and materials list.  If you are unable to meet at these times private lessons are available.  Bring some friends and get the group rate.  $300 for the class  or $50/hour for private lessons (2 hr. minimum)


2 thoughts on “Landscape Painting for Adults

  1. Hi, I was interested in learning how to paint. I wanted to know what you offer and if there any classes coming up for beginners.
    Thank you

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