Portfolio Prep for High School Students

Any high school student looking for a leg up getting into college, (and hopefully get some scholarships)  needs to produce a killer portfolio.

William Swan, head of admissions at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, says students whose portfolios reflect versatility, exhibiting interest in different realms of life drawing, are likely to have an advantage over those who display narrower concerns. “These kinds of drawings identify a student’s ability to compose a scene, to represent volume, to portray objects accurately and creatively, showing original thought,” he says.

In this course students will produce art work vital to a good portfolio.  Students will learn to talk about their art work and experiment with a variety of different media.  The instructor will council students individually on what art work should and should not be included in a submitted portfolio as well as advise on what certain schools are looking for in a portfolio.

This course is taught privately at $50/hour (2hour minimum).  10% discount for students who sign up for a 10 class package.  Sign up with a friend and get an additional 10% off.  These classes can be taught in your home or in the Ditmas Park Studio. 

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Student work

Student work


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